Fisher Funeral Home

P.O. Box 156
306 Washington St. SW
Albany, OR 97321
541-928-3349 or 800-729-3349

With one of Albany's oldest, continuously operated business facilities, our ivy covered building is located in the heart of a Nationally Registered Historic District. Fishers' has strived to modernize with the times while maintaining an atmosphere of tradition and taste.

Visitation Rooms

Our visitation rooms provide a comfortable place for viewing of the deceased. Families commonly choose to have some time the evening prior to a service for viewing a loved one and greeting friends. Portraits and prints by local artists adorn the walls and help maintain the elegance of the facility.


Our chapel, with a capacity for 350 people, can be converted into a more intimate setting for 35 people or fewer. Warm colors and tasteful decor allow for a comfortable setting for family and friends.

Arrangement Office

Funeral arrangements, pretarrangements, and most consultations take place in our arrangement office. Comfortable chairs and Alice's needlepoint provide a comfortable setting for discussions with our staff. Memorial Book selection and proximity to our casket selection room makes this multi-purpose office the primary place for meeting with families.

Casket Selection Room

Our casket selection room offers a non-intimidating display of wood, steel, stainless steel, and bronze caskets, and features a full model display of Wilbert brand burial vaults. Separate alcoves for cremation caskets and urns allows for choices that honor cremation services with merchandise specific to cremation needs.


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