Eva-Maria D. Schroedter
Eva-Maria D. Schroedter

June 9, 1934 - May 12, 2020
Born in Berlin, Germany
Resided in Albany, Oregon


Born June 9, 1934, Eva-Maria Schroedter was all German, all flowers, and all peace. She adored German chocolate. And forget-me-nots, peonies, daisies, and lilies-of-the valley adorned her cherished natural garden in Albany, Oregon. Her family, close neighbors, and dear friends meant the world to her. With her passing on May 12, 2020, we begin to remember not just that she died, but that she lived. And that her life gave us memories too beautiful to forget. And along with those precious memories, we learned so much. Her desire to be at peace, to slow down and enjoy the small, simple things in life—to treasure every moment was paramount. We see her sweet blue eyes sparkling the most during her favorite celebrations, springtime and Christmas, and while watching The Sound of Music. We see her soft, perfect white skin in the clouds. She was our angel, our precious forget-me-not.

Blossom of snow
May you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever…

Pamela Langely, beloved niece:

She had, always, luminous skin and beautiful hair. She laughed at my husband’s “humor” easily and even sometimes mine! She loved good food, and made the most beautiful, delicious pastries from scratch.

I remember walking over to her Bake Shop on The Boardwalk and she would give me and Stephanie free elephant ears fresh from the oven. They melted in your mouth. She would hand them to us wrapped in paper, and you could feel their warmth through the wrapping.

She was from a time of Doris Day and Al Martino and dresses with cinched-in waistlines. I remember her lending me a biography of Doris Day, and I remember listening to “Make the World Go Away” piping from her stereo.

I, too, remember her love for flowers and delicate things.

She could see through BS pretty easily, and had firm points of view. She loved her sisters and her family and was very kind to my dogs, Phoebe and Fred.

I will continue to search my memory—my Aunt Eve was in my life since it started!

Christy Schroedter Ramos, beloved sister:
One thing I remember so fondly about Eva was how sensible and courageous she was. She told me a story of how she worked at this market in Encinitas, and how a burglar came in wanting drugs and money, and how she never panicked, but instead convinced the guy that she couldn’t reach the drugs, and that she spoke with him and tried to rationalize with and reason with him. THAT takes a lot of courage! She said your mom was never one to get panicky or nervous, that she held it together really well under pressure.



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